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Property mapping and building information are increasingly available nation-wide in digital form. We can customize a Lotinfo application for virtually any geographic area in the US


We assemble property, owner and building information and map it at lot level for easy access by clicking on the map screen, or by outlining an area of interest to find properties or other assets that meet your conditions, The results of your queries can be exported to maps or spreadsheets.

A unique feature of Lotinfo is its ability to add your own data, notes, documents and photos to the map so you can use Lotinfo to manage your own data geographically, within the security of your own fire wall.

Lotinfo is distinguished from Internet property information sites in three ways: it is interactive, it is secure, and it is easily customized to incorporate client-specific features.
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LotInfo Enterprise

Web-based for multiple in-house users, this product combines mapped lot level information from public, Commercial and in-house sources, with direct links to site-specific web data. It is interactive, allowing you to query, analyze and update your data with an easy-to-use map interface.

LotInfo Pro for NYC

This Windows® based product provides mapped property information for the five boroughs of New York City, ready to use, with these unique features:

  • Search for properties that meet your conditions, then export results
  • Link to site-specific web data
  • Attach photos, notes, documents
  • Map and track your assets within the protection of your own firewall

System Requirements

  • PC with Pentium III class processor (Pentium IV 1.4Ghz or higher recommended)
  • 128 MB Ram (512MB Ram or more recommended)
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor (Graphics card required)
  • Resolution 800×600 (1024×768 or higher)
  • Hard Disk Space approximately 2GB with full install of 5 boroughs
  • Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or higher (Windows 7, XP or Windows 2000 recommended).